• Baseball Binge - Six weeks, six films

    Baseball Movies for Adults - Tuesdays at 2:30 PM

    Baseball Binge Film SeriesJuly 3, “Touching the Game”
    July 10, “League of Their Own”
    July 17, “Field of Dreams”
    July 24, “42”
    July 31, “Moneyball”
    August 7, “The Natural”

    Sponsored by the Friends of the Eastham Public Library
  • July Exhibit - Schulenburg Studios - Artists Choice

    Reception July 5th 4:30-6 PM

    Featured artists:
    Paul Schulenburg              Maryalice Eizenberg
    Rosalie Nadeau                 Andrea Petitto
    Steve Kennedy                  Joan Lockhard 
    Susan Overstreet               Terry Lindholm
    Jerome Greene                  Ron Lindholm
    Carol Petretti                      Ken Higgins
    Karen Ojala                        Sandy Ginnis
    Peg LaPresto                     Lila Grilli
    Hiram Ball                          Shawn Dalstrom
    Taylor Fox                          Ewa Tomasian
    Dale Michaels Wade          Sissi Sneve-Schultze

      **Special Event**
    July 25th 2-6 PM
    Every wonder how to paint from life? Come see the show and watch the artists as they work from a live model!
  • 2018 Summer Reading Program - Libraries Rock!

    All About the Books Music Video Eastham 2018 Summer Reading Program from Town of Eastham on Vimeo.

    https://www.easthamlibrary.org/eventssummerreading.aspThe Children's Room has a fun-filled series of programs ranging from music, to art & crafts to science. Registration begins on June 22nd! All preschool and grade school aged children, not residents and summer visitors alike, are encouraged to register and complete summer reading logs. Participants earn raffle tickets for every hour spent reading - or being read to - and the program culminates on August 18th with an ice cream social/raffle drawing for terrific prized!  

    "Libraries rock!" starts the last day of school, so sign up on June 22nd or any time after. Materials you read for your school's summer reading also count for the Public Library's program, so why not join? The Summer Reading Program ends on Friday, August 17, with the raffle drawing and ice cream party on Saturday, August 18 at 10:30 a.m. Come on in and join up - it's fun to exercise your mind as well as your body!
  • All About the Books Music Video Eastham 2018 Summer Reading Program from Town of Eastham on Vimeo.

  • July Exhibit - Model Ships by Richard C. Ellington

    In the Periodicals Room and on the Staircase landing

    Dick has been building and repairing  model ships for the past 30 years.  He concentrated on historical sailing ships but will build and repair anything that comes along.  All of Dick's models are made from kits which allows him to modify them to conform to how the actual ship may have looked while in working condition.    He also custom makes enclosures for the models that rebuilds.  None of the models he makes are from "scratch."
    Dick, and his wife Mary, retired to Eastham in 1989 after a 30 year career with Pratt & Whitney as a senior experimental test/design engineer.  Read more...
  • Puppet Making Workshops -

    Help the Library Staff get ready for the Windmill Weekend Parade!

    Join Dianna Morton, the Library Staff & Volunteers for puppet workshops...

    Help with the Giant Puppet
     - for Adults and Older Youth (using frames, tubes, fabric, paper mache and other materials)

    Create Three-Dimensional puppets - for Middle Schoolers & Early High Schoolers (using paper mache and more complex materials)

    Sundays @ 11 AM, July 8th, 15th, 22nd and 29th
    Each session last 1 1/2 hours

    Come to one or all of the workshops - These workshops are designed to be collaborative in nature, honoring the work done in the previous session
  • Puppet Making Workshops II - For younger children

    Create one-dimensional puppets -
    on Wednesday, August 22nd or 29th @ 1 PM
    using cardboard and paint

    These puppets can be made in one session.  A parent or adult caregiver is needed to assist for these sessions.  Take home these puppets, leave them with the Library for the Parade, or bring them to the Parade and wave to the Library's Giant Puppet
  • Eastham Library Nabs Prestigious National AIA Award from Lower Cape TV on Vimeo.

  • Live Paint and Music, Painting Tianna Esperanza

    Wednesday, July 25th ~ 2 - 6 PM

    Live painting and music
    Every wonder how to paint from life?

    Come see the show and watch the artists from the Schulenburg Studios as they work from a live model!


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