Eastham Marriage Intentions and Births circa 17702
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Digital Books on Eastham History
Most of these files are hosted by the Internet Archive, a global internet library with backup files in locations around the world dedicated to offering permanent electronic access to historical collections as a means of cultural preservation.

A Comprehensive History, ecclesiastical and civil of Eastham, Wellfleet and Orleans: County of Barnstable, Mass., from 1644 to 1844 by Rev. Enoch Pratt of Brewster.

Early Settlers of Eastham: containing sketches of all early settlers of Eastham, Volume 1 (Library of Cape Cod History & Genealogy, No. 32), by Josiah Paine, 1916

Early Settlers of Eastham: containing sketches of all early settlers of Eastham, Volume 2 (Library of Cape Cod History & Genealogy, No. 33), by Josiah Paine, 1916

Ancient Eastham, Massachusetts, two lists of those proprietors there in seventeen hundred and fifteen, by Edward Leodore Smith, 1913.

The history of Cape Cod: the annals of Barnstable County, including the district of Mashie, in two volumes, by Frederick Freeman, 1858

The history of Barnstable County, 1620-1890, edited by Simeon L. Deyo, 1890.

Mourt's Relation or journal of the plantation at Plymouth, by William Bradford, Edmond Winslow. The Henry Martin Dexter edition, JK Wiggin, 1865.

Of Plimoth Plantation, by William Bradford, Wright & Potter, 1899

Sparrow Family Genealogy by Sarah Sparrow, 1888

The Story of the 'First Encounter' at Nauset by Ian Saxine, 2019. 
View the video of Dr. Saxine's October 2019 presentation at Salt Pond Visitors Center.

The Walter E Babbit papers 1678-1895. Correspondence, church pew and real estate deeds, indentures, wills and escape papers, maritime records, petitions, town warrants, church and school records, transcripts of records (1790-1791, 1911) of Brewster Congregational Church, genealogical data, and other materials, chiefly relating to Cape Cod history, people, organizations, businesses and events.  Includes information pertaining to towns of Brewster, Chatham, Dennis, Eastham...

Atlas of the boundaries of the towns of Barnstable, Brewster, Chatham, Dennis, Eastham... by the Board of Harbor Land Commissioners, Massachusetts, 1907

Eastham Guide Books [Eastham Chamber of Commerce]
Visitors guide book for the Town of Eastham, 1958-2010, published by the Eastham Chamber of Commerce.  These guides include photogranps, business listings and community informaiton.  They have also been called the Eastham Vacationists Handbook.

Eastham Annual Town Reports 
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Margaret Bready Genealogy Collection [Eastham Historical Society Archives]

Margaret Bready was born Margaret Ethel Pearl on February 17, 1908 at home at  Spring Street, Brockton, MA.  Not much is known of her childhood or young adulthood.  On July 14th, 1939 she was married in Taneytown, Caroll, Maryland by the Rev. Guy Bready, a relative of the groom, to Richard Hugh Bready, becoming his second wife.  Richard Bready was the son of Rev. Russell Herbert and Mary Elizabeth (Richards) Bready.    

Margaret and Richard had no children together.  They moved in 1986 to Eastham, Massachusetts on Cape Cod.  Margaret was 78 at the time.  She spent the better part of the rest of her life compiling copious notes on genealogies of families associated with Eastham.  Her accomplishment included family names of almost every letter of the alphabet, all handwritten by her personally.  She died in Eastham on June 11, 1995 at the age of 87.  This prolific "detective" of genealogy is the Eastham Historical Society's main source for helping those who visit searching out their family ancestry

Margaret Bready Genealogy Collection Volumes 1-20:

Historic Property Surveys [Eastham Historical Commission]
The digitized records below are of poor quality and uploaded from a CD available for use at the Library and for sale by the Town Clerk's office.  Discussion is under way to re-digitize these records. 

Birth Records
Marriage Records
Death Records
Land Records
Meetings Records
Civil War Records

Marriage Intentions and Births, circa 1700s
The digitized records below are uploaded from a CD available for use at the Library and for sale by the Town Clerk's office. They are online for convenience. An index to these files is available at the Library.  The Library hopes to have the indices online soon.  Discussion is under way to re-digitize these records.
Federated Church of Orleans Collection:
The Federated Church of Orleans can trace its history back to 1646. In that year, seven households from Plymouth Colony formed a Congregational Society and built their first meetinghouse-fort in what was then known as Nauset, now called Eastham. In 1718, the town and Congregational Society built a new meetinghouse structure on the present-day site of the Federated Church of Orleans. This structure remained until 1829, when it was replaced with the present-day building.

In 1838, a group of members left to form the Universalist Society. Over 100 years later, in 1939, the Universalist and Congregational Societies united to form the Federated Church of Orleans. The united Church continued to use the 1829 building, which had been expanded and renovated in 1889. In 1968, the Federated Church of Orleans saw its final renovation, with the addition of classrooms, offices, and meeting rooms.

The Federated Church of Orleans is a distinct point of pride, both for the congregation and for the towns that once created Nauset/Eastham. The Federated Church is now an Open and Affirming Congregation affiliated with the United Church of Christ (UCC) and the Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA). The Church celebrated its 350th anniversary in 1996, and in 2018 celebrated the 300th anniversary of moving to the current building site.

Digitized records available through the Internet Archive:
Mass. Memories Road Show
The Easham Public Library hosted the Mass. Memories Road Show in May.  The Road Show is a state-wide effort to create an online archive of communities.  Now, it's time to enjoy the photos and stories your neightbors have contributed!

Here is the complete archive.

The Mass. Memories Road Show is produced by the Joseph P. Healey Library at UMass Boston and is co-sponsored by the Patricia C. Flaherty '82 Endowed Fund.  The Road Show was held on Sunday, May 7, 2017 and sponsored by the Friends of the Eastham Library.

Nauset Tides 1958-2018 (Nauset Regional High School Yearbooks) and The Beachcomber (Orleans High School 1956 & 1957) 
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